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With the goal of bringing real value to the user, the new design style in interior decoration and the safety of your health in your home, we decided to set up Quick Smart House in Vietnam. And we will bring and introduce all the products of Tianjin Quick Smart House for you.

Viet Nam Quick Smart House Co.Ltd. is an integrated group of companies consisting of Modern Container Houses, Prefabricated Houses, functional housing, steel and interior material manufacturers combined with a trading business. The joint venture advantages enable the company to develop a wide range of functional houses highly used in tourist and military camps, construction sites, a temporary dormitory in disaster-affected areas and other remote environments.

This company has been rewarded by the Tianjin Vice President Import & Export Chamber of Commerce and won a Medal of Honor issued by the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce and the Tianjin Municipal Government for building temporary residential houses and contributing greatly to the reconstruction of the area in Sichuan that was affected by a natural disaster.

Product groups
  • Modern Container houses

    Modern Container houses

    These modern prefabricated container houses are of high quality, safe,stable, comfortable and environmentally friendly. They are very easy to install and move and can be recycled.


  • Modern Prefabricated Houses

    Modern Prefabricated Houses

    The production and assembly cycle is short, vast modelling designs, modern stylish fashionable appearance and  reduces the project cost therefore affordable and economical.


  • Sandwich Panels

    Sandwich Panels

    Excellent fire protection capabilities performance,great heat insulation and sound absorption effect is remarkable.


  • New interior panels

    New interior panels

    The major advantage of the panel boards is that they are environmentally clean, fireproof, waterproof, anti-radiation, convenient installation, thermal insulation and long service life.


  • Steel structure buildings

    Steel structure buildings

    The construction period is short, the economic index is high, the seismic performance is excellent, high life span, and advantageous to the space layout.


Prefabricated Houses
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Tianjin Quick Smart House Co.Ltd offers high quality production guarantee to customers with 31.000 mintegrated production facilities.
Sandwich Panels
Decoration Materials
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About – Tianjin Quick Smart House Co.Ltd

Tianjin Quick Smart House Co.Ltd was established in 2003.The company has a stable economic base, stable raw materials and production base. It has a group of high-level experts and professors, as the company’s technical adviser. We also have high-quality professional and technical personnel to stabilize product quality and ensure reliability as well as quality guarantee.

Since its founding, the company has had rapid expansion and has established its own marketing network in Australia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, America and Europe. At the same time, our high-quality products and client-based services have been recognized by our customers which have, in turn, propelled us to be the market leaders in the industry.

About – Tianjin Quick Smart House Co.Ltd
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